life insurance agency in San Francisco


Frequently asked questions about buying life insurance in San Francisco

Q. What kind of life insurance is best for me and my family?
A: Permanent Insurance

Q. How much insurance should I get?
A: This depends on my total debt and what my family needs to replace my income: $500,000

Q. How do I make sure the company I buy insurance from will be around when I need them?
A: I verify the financial strength of the insurance company and how long it has been around

Q. Is there such a thing as temporary life insurance?
A: Temporary insurance is term insurance

Q. Should I get life insurance for my wife also?
A: Yes, As she provides income for the household

Q. How does my family get paid if there is a death?
A: If we have life insurance, from that otherwise, nothing

Q. Why is life insurance getting cheaper?
A: We are living longer and are much healthier

Q. How is your company different from other on-line or local life insurance brokers?
A: We provide a complete service making sure that we provide the best rate possible by informing the underwriters of the insurance companies information needed to issue quickly and the best risk classification and therefore the best rate.


Q. How long does it take to approve my application?
A: Our goal is 21 days once all documents are obtained and submitted

Q. Do I need to take a medical exam?
A: Depending on the type and amount of policy requested will determine whether an exam is required by the insurance company

Q. When does my policy start after I am accepted?
A: Policy start date will start upon approval of the insurance company but can be amended by the client to a different date.

Q. Are there any up front costs?
A: No there is no up front cost

Q. How do I pay, monthly, quarterly or annually?
A: The best way to pay is annually as the premiums on monthly (total) exceeds annual cost.