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Term life insurance San FranciscoHave you ever taken the time to read all of the fine print in your term life insurance? San Francisco is a safe place to live and work, but have you considered that it may not be your normal activities that void your policy? Are you living the same life you were when you started the policy?

Reading through the fine print it is easy to discover that there are many exclusions that few think about when deciding to take up a new hobby or outdoor activity. For example, when you got your policy you may not have had in mind that extreme sports would come into popularity or that your children want you to rock climb or sky dive with them, yet many of these lifestyle changes can impact your term life policy.

The reason for this is because when you first get your policy you are asked a number of questions about where you work, your habits, your health, and how you live your life. The answers you give are given to an underwriter who approves or denies your policy and sets a premium. If you get a premium based on one lifestyle and then begin to participate in another, your premiums are at risk. These changes can be affected by anything from a weekend hobby to something as seemingly safe as your travel habits. Heaven forbid that you decide to get your pilots license for that small plane or start para-sailing. Sometimes changes as seemingly safe as a new career can violate the terms of your existing policy.

It is worth taking the time to think for a moment when last you went over your life with your term life insurance San Fransisco agent to make certain your policy has been underwritten for who you are now, not years ago when you first signed the dotted line.

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